johnny johnson [weill]

composer | KURT WEILL
playwright | PAUL GREEN
scenic designer | ERIC LUCHEN
costume designer | SHANNA PHILIPSON
lighting designer | ERIK S. BARRY
photographer | WENDY ALAS

full-length play with songs

‘Johnny Johnson’ begins as America, initially standing for peace, enters World War I.

Although a pacifist, Johnny (Gabe Di Gennaro) enlists in order to win the heart of Minny Belle Tompkins (Katie Galetti).

As the country moves towards war, elements of a carnival-like atmosphere appear, including a Bearded Lady (Mary Lutz Govertsen).

Minny Belle’s other suitor Anguish Howington (Joshua Smith) fails a medical exam…

…as Johnny passes and enters basic training.

On arrival in Europe, the idea of war-as-a-carnival is in full force.

An English sergeant (Jonathan Zeng) sings a lively number in praise of tea.

Minny Belle appears to Johnny in a nightmare.

After being wounded in battle, Johnny is taken to hospital and seduced by a French Nurse (Teaira Burge).

Johnny escapes and convinces the Allied generals to stop the war…

…with the help of some music and some laughing gas.

Johnny’s plan to stop the war fails, as soldiers are killed around him like ducks in a carnival shooting gallery.

On returning to America, Johnny is sent to a quack psychiatrist (Max Seifert).

At the end of the play, Johnny receives light from the Statue of Liberty and vows to continue to work toward peace.