woyzeck [waits]

[11/2019] [chicago premiere]
composer | TOM WAITS
playwright | GEORG BÜCHNER
orchestrator | CARL KENNEDY
designer | BRAD CALEB LEE
lighting designer | TED NAZAROWSKI
photographer | WENDY ALAS

contemporary chamber opera

Woyzeck (Jonathan Wilson) sings that "Misery's the River of the World"...

...as the ensemble of animal-humans join him.

The Drum Major (Matt Peckham) is a bull.

The Doctor (Michelle Jasso) is a bird.

The Captain (Matt Peckham) is a pig.

Woyzeck's partner Marie (Christina Pecce) is a sheep.

Woyzeck's pal Andres (Christina Pecce) is a dog.

The nosy neighbour Margret (Michelle Jasso) is a mouse.

iPads provide fractured images during the fractured tale.

Woyzeck swears he can hear voices.

Marie calms her child as the band plays on.

The Drum Major seduces Marie.

Jeder Mensch ist ein Abgrund. | Everyone's an abyss.

Woyzeck prepares to murder Marie.

Marie comes back to life, singing "My Favorite Color is Red".