yeast nation [hollman & kotis]

music & lyrics | MARK HOLLMAN
book & lyrics | GREG KOTIS
music director | MICHAEL MCBRIDE
movement director | NATALJA AICARDI
scenic designer | GEORGE CEDERQUIST
costume designer | KATE SETZER-KAMPHAUSEN
lighting designer | DAVID GOODMAN-EDBERG
photographer | KARL SODERSTROM


This is Yeast Nation: an above-ground swimming pool filled to the brim with beach balls.

Jan-the-Elder (Chris Comanescu) is King of the Yeasts.

Jan-the-Wise (Sam Varghese) reads out the Strictures.

Jan-the-Wretched (Madalynn Baez) will be punished for eating too much.

Jan-the-Unnamed (Grace Zieman) invites the audience to 'Hear the Song'.

Jan-the-Sweet (Emerson Cobbley) discovers she has a 'Burnin' Soul'.

Jan-the-Second-Oldest (Keaton Payne) vows 'Change the World' around Sweet.

Little sister Jan-the-Sly (Emily Gale) plots against her father (Elder) and brother (Second)

Second rejects Sweet as 'Not the Yeast You Used to Be'.

Second shares the life-giving muck with Sweet they fall in love.

'Stasis is the Membrane'.

Wise forces Sweet to be his Date.

Sly reveals the illegal muck to the Yeast Nation.

All will be revealed... in Act Two!

Sly convinces Wise not to be 'A Traitor to Love'.

The Chorus remind us that 'Love Equals Pain'... the Unnamed and Sweet agree.

Jan-the-Elder rises to the afterlife in 'Doom-Love-Doom'.

"Yeast Nation" reminds us that 'The World Won't Wait'.

Jan-the-Unnamed welcomes us to "Yeast Nation".

The Yeasts sing the praises of Jan-the-Elder.

Jan-the-Elder proclaims The Strictures.

Jan-the-Sweet suffers in her private nook.

Jan-the-Sly conscripts Jan-the-Famished.

Jan-the-Wise seduces Jan-the-Sweet.

Jan-the-Second-Oldest gives birth to the New One: "Me Good".

Jan-the-Sly and Jan-the-Wise are not "Traitors to Love".

Jan-the-Second-Oldest and Jan-the-Wise clash as "Life Goes On".