trouble in tahiti [bernstein]

conductor | CODRUT BIRSAN
lighting designer | CLAIRE SANGSTER

modern chamber opera

The performance begins with a set of standards, sung by the opera’s Jazz Trio: Jenny Schuler…

…Jonathan Zeng…

…and Tobias Wright.

The Trio then become the narrators of the opera, setting the scene in American suburbia.

Dinah (Julia Elise Hardin) searches for connection and meaning…

…in her marriage with Sam (Aaron Wardell).

Dinah tells her analyst (Jonathan Zeng) about a dream in the aria “There is a Garden.”

Sam breaks off his affair with his secretary (Jenny Schuler).

Victorious in the handball final, Sam celebrates with a massage from his trainer (Tobias Wright).

Dinah works out with her personal trainer (Jenny Schuler) during the opera’s showstopping number “What a movie”…

…which turns into a fantasy island romance (with Jonathan Zeng).

The opera’s final image finds Sam and Dinah back at home, as unconnected as before.