corsair [camera opera]

[10/2020] [world premiere]
composer & librettist | K. F. JACQUES
director of photography | RICK SCHULER
production designer | BRAD CALEB LEE
music supervisor | CATHERINE O’SHAUGHNESSY
unit production manager | TED NAZAROWSKI
production assistant | EDYTA LAURENT

camera opera

You have everything you need. Then you double it. Then you lose it all. How do you get it back? Where do you end up? “Corsair” is one man’s journey from greed to humility, from isolation to community, all told through the epic form of hip-hopera.

Featuring operatic baritone and hip-hop MC K. F. Jacques alongside soprano Takesha Meshé Kizart-Thomas, this camera opera is one of ten world premieres commissioned by the Decameron Opera Coalition.